• View all of your unassigned Service Orders on a scrollable grid.
  • Drag and drop unassigned Service Orders on to an available technician or from one technician to another.
  • A Customizable view of all your Service Orders to efficiently manage your work and your resources.
  • Ability to view technicians by provider group by day or week.


  • Accurately track your item quantities at your stocking locations with FS360s fully functioning Inventory Management module.
  • Set up your stocking locations as warehouse stocking sites and technician/truck inventory.
  • Track Items by serial number, lot number, or either.
  • Easily transfer item quantities between stocking locations.
  • Adjust stocking levels based on routine inventory management practices.
  • Maintain inventory history for inventory tracking and accountability.
  • Track your inventory balances on your mobile device.

Service Orders

  • Accurately and efficiently track your customers field service requests.
  • Ability to enter Account, Problem information and, optionally, Installed Products for tracking Warranties and associating a customer Agreement/Contract within the Service Order.
  • Through our drag and drop Dispatch Console, assign available technicians to the Service Order.
  • Track Service Order progress through various statuses and workflow.
  • Allow the technicians to access Service Order data and enter Time, Material and Expenses on their IOS or Android mobile device.
  • When ready, create a customer invoice for payment for services rendered.

Sales Order

  • Efficiently enter customer Sales Orders and Line items.
  • Suggest related products for upselling.
  • View the total system inventory balances and reserve inventory quantities from the Sales Order.
  • Create, store and/or email the Sales Order customer facing Order and Invoice documents.
  • Create Purchase Orders from the Sales Orders to replenish inventory to satisfy the Sales Order material requirements.
  • Receive full or partial Purchase Order inbound material receipts.
  • Track multiple Sales Order shipments to your customers.


  • Create Service Order, Sales Orders and Agreement Invoices.
  • Consolidate multiple Service Order Invoices into one Invoice.
  • Create, save and email customized Invoice PDF document to the customer.
  • On a mobile device or online, capture payment using Authorize.net or Paypal.
  • Capture customer authorizing signature.


We use the term 360 degrees in our application because we know that no part of your service stream should be obscured from view.

  • Provided by Salesforce.com's powerful and easy to use reporting capabilities.
  • Generate operational and strategic reports for sales analytics.
  • Generate operational and strategic reports to meet your service goals.
  • Setup permissions to share and to access reports and dashboards based on user roles.


Empower your customers and partners by providing them with a portal where they can view current orders and request for new orders 24 hours a day.

  • Empower your customers and partners by providing them with a portal where they can view their transactions 24 hours a day.
  • Create new and view existing and update existing Sales and Service Orders.
  • Review Invoices and other billing related information.
  • Display the customer's Installed Product information.
  • Access all the notes and attachments in real time.


You have to work remotely, that's what field service is all about. However outdated pen and paper methods impede progress. With our application, you can send technical documents to the field, access files from a truck, and view your dashboards all remotely.

  • Enter technician's Service Order Time, Material and Expense information.
  • View Account information
  • View Installed Product history
  • Capture photos and electronic signatures
  • Display a Google Maps Interface with Service Order, Account and Technician locations


Organizations have a hard time keeping track of their entitlements to a product or a service. Be on top of your customer's expectations with FS360's comprehensive verifications and entitlement checks that:

  • Includes the Response and Restore durations and the Service Level for hours of service operation.
  • Calculate the estimated Service Order Start and End Dates and Times to track contracted service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Contains percent coverage for Time, Material and Expenses. These coverage percentages carry forward onto Service Order invoice.


FS360 maintains the accuracy of your warranties and agreements, in turn helping you remember:

  • Create Warranty timeframes adopted in your industry with timeframes of one year, two years or any other timeframe needed.
  • Attach Warranties to items. When the item is selected on a new Installed Product, the Installed Product inherits the Warranty and calculates Warranty start and end dates.
  • Provide Entitlements with Warranties.
  • Once an Installed Product is entered on a Service Order, it displays a valid Warranty on the Service Order.


Organizations have a hard time keeping track of their entitlements to a product or a service. Be on top of your customer's expectations with FS360's comprehensive verifications and entitlement checks that:

  • Create Preventive Maintenance Agreements to automatically create Service Orders and to track your customer Installed Product history.
  • Agreement Line purchase options include Flat, Prepaid and T&M.
    • The Flat option includes purchasing unlimited service for a length of time with upfront payments.
    • The Prepaid option includes purchasing a prepaid amount of Service Orders or hours with upfront payments.
    • The T&M option includes a labor charge either per Service Order or hour to override the labor rate or total amount on the Service Order Invoice.
    • An Agreement invoice is generated for the Flat and Prepaid options for upfront payment schedules.
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Fieldservice360 offers you all the functionality you need to run your business. Our unique partnership with third party vendors provides you with the ease of integrating their functionalities into FS360.

  • QuickBooks
  • Experian QAS address validation
  • Twilio VOIP and SMS
  • Docusign electronic signatures
  • Google maps